About Us
Global MedData is an international leader in providing Internet-enabled medical transcription and data management services to hospitals, clinics and physician offices. With a highly competitive medical assistance industry and the need to see more patients in a timely manner, Global MedData, Inc. has developed an efficient transcription lifecycle management system as well as theability to integrate with existing record keeping systems.  

Global Meddata, Inc.'s global headquarters are based in Redwood City, California with European subsidiary in the United Kingdom. Software development and technical support centres are based in US, UK & India, making this a truly global 24/7 operation with an experienced management team and dedicated staff worldwide.

Our HIPAA and DPA-compliant solutions leverage leading Internet technologies and the world’s most highly credentialed transcribers to provide easier, more secure, accurate and cost-effective transcription.

Our totally web-based infrastructure coupled with the global support from our staff in the US, UK, India and Philippines, has allowed our service to be extremely efficient and flexible.